Based in the north west of England, Unsilence have been both recording and performing live since 1993. With their recently released album " A Fire On the Sea", they continue to move forward and defy the odds.

Unsilence have developed a unique musical atmosphere, beginning from early doom/death leanings and progressing in to their unique sound which is both direct and powerful.

Formed in December 1993, they recorded their first demo, "Shadows Cast In Stone" five months later. At around this time they started to play their first gigs. By the summer of 1995, they were offered a deal for a mini-CD from an Italian label called Full Moon Rising, which was recorded later that year. Unfortunately this recording did not see release as a MCD due to Full Moon Rising going under soon afterwards. So it was released as the "Unfinished Chapter" second demo.

The demos generated interest from an emerging Italian label Seven Art Music. The "Choirs Of Memory" debut album was then recorded during the summer of 1997. Unfortunately there was numerous problems with the studio which led to them having to to get a different engineer at the last minute. Therefore the production turned out unsatisfactorily. This was followed by financial difficulties and the subsequent demise of Seven Art Music. The deal was finally withdrawn in 1999. By that point the band had made quite a significant progression from the album and decided against releasing it, preferring to release more current material. It remains unreleased to this day.

A strengthened as opposed to weakened Unsilence decided to press ahead with new material. And In September of 1999, they recorded the "Transfiguration" MCD, which was was self-released in early 2000. It saw the band truly transfigured. After this they decided to record another MCD. "A Walk Through Oceans" was recorded in early 2002. It was released later that year through Golden Lake Productions.

Following this the band experienced two major line-up changes. Long-time drummer Jonathon Gibbs left in March 2003. Two years later, vocalist and founder member Andrew Hodson left the band. New material had been slow during this period due to the line-up changes, but the aim was for an album. In 2006, a demo of some of new material was released on their MySpace page which was titled "Echoes Awaken". They eventually started recording the album in December 2008. Titled "Under A Torn Sky", it was released October 2009 through PsycheDOOMelic. It was released on vinyl the following June by the Greek based Labyrinth Of Thoughts.

During recent years, band activity has slowed due to not having a permanent drummer and outside commitments. But the latest album, "A Fire On The Sea" was eventually recorded during the second half of 2013. It was released through Nine Records in June 2014.

There were quite a few changes of line up during the early years and the occasional one after. The present Unsilence line-up consists of remaining founder member Kieron Tuohey on guitar and James Kilmurray on vocals/guitar (who joined in 2000 as a guitarist and took over the vocals in 2005). Former drummer Jonathon Gibbs has been filling in for the band on since 2008. There is presently no bassist following the departure of James Moffat in August 2017. He replaced long-time bassist Davis Elliottat the end of 2012. Kieron is also in another band called The Human Condition alongside Jonathon Gibbs.

Live activity has mainly been in their native northwest of England and nearby Yorkshire. The band has also played in London several times and has played in Ireland three times (August 2001, February 2004 and September 2006), Malta (October 2007), The Netherlands (As part of the Dutch Doom Day in October 2009) and Germany (As part of Doom Shall Rise in April 2010). Live activity is limited nowadays but the band hope to play a few sporadic gigs whenever their schedules allow.

Guitar: Rick Harding (12/93 - 04/95), Darren Brady (04/95 - 09/96), Dave Greenwood (09/96 - 08/98) & Paul Gemmell (08/98 - 08/99).
Bass: Mick Grundy (12/93 - 03/95), Steven Scott (03/95 - 12/95), Dave Greenwood (12/95 - 09/96), David Elliott (11/96 - 01/13), James Moffatt (12/12 - 08/17).
Drums: Ric Barnes (12/93 - 03/96), Jonathon Gibbs (05/96 - 03/03 Session drummer since 09/08) Andy McLachlan (10/03 - 11/07) Graham Bublé (03/08 - 09/08).
Vocals: Andrew Hodson (12/93 - 01/05).


The new album from Unsilence, out now on Nine Records (Poland). Availible on CD and download, click here to order.



The debut album from Unsilence, still available on CD, Vinyl and download. Click here for more info.