This is quite different from their first demo "Shadows Cast In Stone", which was death/ doom.They've retained the quality and heaviness in the music but swiched to clean vocals, much like Amorphis in that "Elegy" isn't as superior as previous recordings. This is the same although we thoroughly enjoyed "Choirs Of Memory" we prefer "Shadows Cast In Stone". This release still has a doom feel, however anyone who is into Acrimony, Mourn, Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, those sort of "stoner" bands this will definitly catch your interest. The best songs we found were "Earthsea" and "An Unfinished Chapter". This is still a great band so check them out.
Review by Katrinia and Jodi Jerrett – Season Decay ‘zine #1 September 1999 Contact: astlik@hotmail.com Website: http://members.tripod.com/seasondecayzine

When I received this tape there were no dates concerning the release dates and somehow I become a bit pessimistic what it comes to the label because over a year passed and I hadn't seen "Choirs Of Memory" available anywhere. Then my suspicions got verification when Kieron contacted me and told that the band is no longer at Seven Art as the label have ceased to exist. Quite an unfavorable situation from the band's point of view, wait and wait the releasing, big plans and then everything simply comes to nothing. It seems like Unsilence really doesn't have any luck with Italian labels, their "An Unfinished Chapter" demo was supposed to be released through Full Moon Rising records as a MCD, but after all the deal went down for unknown reason. Anyway, most likely "Choirs Of Memory" will be found from the bands website as MP3 , so a few words about it might be appropriate now...
on the grounds of Unsilence's demo 96 I was prepared for an umpteenth heavy doom metal album and doomy metal this is but unfortunately I wished the song material would have been more interesting. These 8 songs are somehow colourless, they're going onwards but nothing really happens. Partly it feels like these guys are just jamming spontaneously in the studio waiting how the tune turns out. I think "Choirs Of Memory" belongs to the group of records that aren't patently bad , but still doesn't stand out from the crown enough.
Review by Asmo Moisanen. Contact: hellhound@sunpoint.net

Melodic doom metal from the UK and spawned in Bolton (the scene there really seems to be happening!) and supposedly released on an Italian label(Seven Art Music) but I think they are having problems with that. The music is lightish and slow, with clear vocals that are melancholy yet hopeful. There is in fact a dichotomy in the emotions expressed, at times sadness is the uppermost, and at times the pace is picked up and you start to get a more ebullient message. This makes it very nice to listen to as you can sort of follow the music up and down in its journey through the mind. Very cylic guitars that often trudge down to a slower tempo to fit the mood. It's got a very British feel to it but it's definitely not just a MDB or Anathema clone, it's different in both the emotional target and the music it uses to achieve that. At times it reminds me of November's Doom but not as extreme. The production isn't perfect , but this is just a home recording of the advance tape, so it could be due to that. Some of the slowest parts are a bit too slow for my tastes, or rather, it's not that they're too slow but more that they loose a lot of the melody and don't quite fit in with the rest of the album. Good stuff if you're into slow music but still got some edges to be smoothed out. I'll be waiting for the next release.
Review by Sam Wright.

Formed in '93 this band have since recorded an album 'Choirs of Memory'which due to problems has not yet seen the light of day. The doomy Anathema style music is shrouded in mystical keyboard athmospheres, bleeding guitar lines and has a distinctly modern edge to the sound. With songs that evoke the aformentioned Anathema as well as The Blood Divinethere are many individual which shape the downcat mood of this very British style of Doom Metal.
Review by Crin.


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