Golden Lake Productions released 2 very good MCD`s lately. One from Forsaken (also reviewed on Quintessence) and this one from Unsilence, both doom metalacts. This 4-track release by Unsilence, from the Bolton area in the UK, is a recommendation to fans epic doom in the style of a band like Solstice. In the case of Unsilence you should also think of a bit of My Dying Bride thrown in to of get the idea what they sound like. The 4 songs, clocking in around half an hour, have been recorded and mixed at the famous Academy studio under the supervision of Mags. The music is well played and the compositions are above average with great melodies and heavy riffing. One of the main attractions on this disc are the deep, clean vocals by Andrew Hodson. His vocalstyle fits this kind of music beautifully, leaving me just one conclusion. Once again a great doom metal release by a promising doom metal act
Review by Pim. Email: silk@wanadoo.nl Website: http://www.quintessence.sh

These Englishmen apparently made it their duty to publish every two or three years a MCD with four songs which have then however a good half hour play time, which, leaves, with Slayer, Brocas Helm, Canadian Slaughter and Deicide even full albums, which are sold also at evenly such price. Four spellbound songs Unsilence have now on this new EP and all friends of doommetal. Weighing tons of melancholy with an epic impact side are now already said that it concerns here a hammer. Alone this singing, medium highly, melodic and occupied with an immense sadness. Not so much filled with pathos, rather fulfilled with resignation. Them riffs steam roll's sluggishly, in addition, gladly in the mid speed. Supports from creeping to ramming rhythms. Dozens of brilliant leads, which less pure fiddly, than rather small, thoughtfully composed melody elbows are, what appear embedded into these atmospherically close riff structures. Occasionally they are done in such a way, so moving beautifully that one would like to presently/immediately loose the control. Unsilence are in one of this year's highlights. It is heavy surely to want to refer it to one of the twenty best pieces. With a piece little the slope of the British gleams to the deathlike doom through, a few monstrous growls refining those darkly - tendency of the piece dreary. Who stands on Doom, now no longer or for a long time will be allowed to hesitate. This killer volume earns hearing.
Review by Sacha Marua. Email: Sir Lord Doom@aol.com Website: http://www.BloodDawn.de

The British formation Unsilence is one of the quality signings of Golden Lake Productions (Forsaken, Serenade, Mithras) from the northern part of England. Therefore it's not too unobvious that when drummer Jonathon got a job offer in the south of Britain, he left the band in last march. Quite a shame, since Unsilence has released a great MCD with "A Walk Through Oceans". The band sounds very tight, and also due to the very well produced sound, the four songs (lasting just over half an hour) sound very well balanced.
The melodic, melancholic and heavy doom of Unsilence has a very "stable" feel to it, like nothing in the world could break the band apart (ok, sorry for the ironic phrasing). The songwriting's a joy for the ears, everything seems to work out just perfectly and the band has paid attention to detail. Guitar fade-ins and transitions remind me somewhat of countrymates Anathema, yet this comparison doesn't fit totally regarding the atmosphere. There are some vague resemblances, and I'm having a hard time finding a band that sounds alike. A clear and definite hint for originality? Hardly. Unsilence does nothing new nor refreshing, but it does sound superb! Especially my favorite track "The Unknown" is absolutely stunning. The clean vocals of Andrew are wonderful, only out of tune once in a while but always filled with melancholy and sorrow.
Together with Forsaken's "Iconoclast", these two doom-jewels of Golden Lake have been a regular play the last couple of weeks. Yet still I'm not indulged... I want more of this first-class stuff!
Review by Serge. serge@vampire-magazine.com Website: http://www.vampire-magazine.com

While not a fan of EP releases, I got some good word on this release and decided to give it a try after hearing a song from Unsilence on a Psychedelic Fanzine compilation. The band more than delivers on this 4 song, 30 minute album. Very doom drenched music that sounds a lot like My Dying Bride minus all the gothic trimmings. Vocalist Andrew Hodson has a clean voice very similar to Aaron from My Dying Bride. Musically the sound is very slow, more in an epic feel like While Heaven Wept while still having the sound of other doom legends like Candlemass & Solitude Aeturnus. There are keyboards in the mix, but they blend in with the music perfectly, not standing out like a sore thumb or watering down the sound, just the right touch to give the gloomy feel on here more atmospherics. All 4 songs, "Still", "The Unknown", "Deep Is The Stigma", and the title track are a treat to listen to. Highly recommended doom release. Can appeal to fans from My Dying Bride to Solitude Aeturnus.
Review by Darren McWilliams. Email: cargosofdoom@hotmail.com Website: http://www.stonerrock.com

This MCD is very special for me because we printed the CD cover (Brutallica Print) and we also contributed to the label to press the CDs here in Bulgaria. I hope that with our small help, we will have contributed to the bands success in the future. Otherwise, these UK doom metallers are quite famous in the underground circlesas they exist for more than 10 years yet their music is evry emotionaland on a very high level and this, I believe. will be confirmed by every connoisseur! As I stated already, the style of Unsilence is emotional and melodic doom meta lwith great epic & majestic moments and athmosphere. . I can point out only one more band with such a style and this is the mighty UK doom masters Solstice (unfortunatlyI heard that they broke up). Still, Unsilence's songsare a bit more melancholic than the ones of Solstice, I think. This is high quality doom metal with very clearand at places sorrowful vocals, slow heavy and dense guitars and some very remarkable and skilled guitar solos. The 4 tracks (which are quite l;ong)were recorded at the famous Academy studio and engineered by the guru Mags, who is responsible for a lot of metal classics through the years. Nice band with very beautiful and emotional musicwhich I really enjoy
Review by Chavdar Tzachkov. Email:brutallica@intercom.bg Website: http://brutallica.8m.com


The new album from Unsilence, out now on Nine Records (Poland). Availible on CD and download, click here to order.



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