First demo from these ex-Burial guys, and it's pretty promising. Firstly, the demo starts with the death/ doom riff that we all know and loath, but thankfully that doesn't last long. Some of the riffs are really cool, sometime reminding me of Eucharist, sometimes Candlemass, but with the old Burial sound. It works well. To top of it all are so,me pretty good, brutal as fuck vocals, though on one song (I think it's World Within A World) great low, clean vocals, that really wouldn't sound out of place on the Godsend album. This five track demo is a Good start, but a little more work is needed.
Review by Craig Phillips.

Formerly known as Burial, well there is only two members of that band in this quintet. But anyway, this band is very much up to date with the doom scene in their country. Gripping influence from Anathema and My Dying Bride plus their own heavy sound they managed to create their own style of dark, romantic doom metal. Most of the demo maintains a very somber and moody feeling in the music that it is very pleasant to hear a band in this style put in some other type of influence, and in this case the heaviness of Burial still partakes in the writing process of this English doom band. Very nice and clean production befalls this demo.
Review by Rob?

Maybe some of you remember Burial, an English Death Metal band which released 2 demos and an EP between '91 and '92. That band had some lineup changes and with new members their music got more atmospheric and variated. They decided to change their name into Unsilence. You must see this as a new band and not as the continuation of Burial. The only Burial members are Kieron - guitars and Mick - bass. The new members are Rick - guitar, Andrew - vocals and stand-in drummer Ric who's also in Mephisto. This 5 track demo is their first release and yes, their songs are very atmospheric. Many variation is used and due to that this is a very interesting product. Maybe their riffs are not the most original ones but they are used in a way that they sound very good. The powerful production improves it even more. The growling vocals are a bit in the My Dying Bride/ Chorus Of Ruin vein. Keyboards, acoustic guitars, all the atmospheric ideas are used. The songs are called "Void Of Emotion", "Pictures", "Shadows Cast In Stone", "World Within A World" and " Weeping". The titlesong is an acoustic instrumental. The other song are all athmospheric and variated tracks, very good!!!
Review by Ewald Provoost.

Unsilence may have been born from the ashes of Burial, but there the connection ends. Unsilence are a totally separate entity from that outfit, and there has been some lineup changes also. Unsilence have opted for a route through the forest doom/ death metal, a path that Briish bands are famed for. "Shadows Cast In Stone" shows that the band plays the style very confidently and provide a lot of elements to admire, from their bass heavy, crushing sound to their quality guitar harmonies. There is a lot of weeping sorrow on tracks like "Void Of Emotion" and "World Within A World". The latter also sees Andrew Hodson take on a normal voice from his gruff growling on the other tracks. I think this will be the direction they will take the vocals in the future.
The title track itself is an acoustic piece, with atmospheric keyboards, the occasional violin sound and acoustic guitars. It does bring to mind My Dying Bride to be honest. Unsilence haven't quite got their own identity totally yet, but they are making strides to get there. Certainly, "Shadows Cast In Stone" is a worth while tape, which comes with a photo cover and a double sided inlay with lyrics.
Review by Russ Smith. Contact: BTears@aol.com Terrorizer: www.terrorizer.com


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