The roots of Unsilence are actually in the band called Burial. (Interviewed in our first issue), the name changes due to a new lineup and development in the music.
So, musically there aren't much similarity and difference is easy to notice. Where Burial was a pure death metal band, the English doom metal scene has a great influence on Unsilence's present style even if we're not talking about another victim of slow & apathetic riffs. The faster parts are still a part of musical concept but apparently the direction is headed at more atmospheric presentation. My opinion about this alteration is only positive because tracks such as "World Within A World" there isn't a single fast riff played sounds much more uncontrived compared for example with "Pictures", which has really strained fast drumming.
To not be too u ncritical I'd add that Unsilence doesn't differ from the innumerable amount of todays death/ doom bands though they don't have nothing to shame about either. Maybe Unsilence hasn't also succeeded as sound-wise in the best possible way or an I just a bit too pessimistic now.
Even if the music comes always in priority I couldn't avoid laughing when I read the lyrics taken from the first track "Void Of Emotion". I don't bother to write down some lines from it, they just try to be very serious but the result is reverse. Luckily this kind of amusing texts are presented exclusively in this track. Uhh, better not continue concerning this matter before someone starts to feel really awkward...
There has happened some lineup changes in the band lately and now they have a new bassist and guitarist. A new demo will be recorded in August.
Review by Asmo Moisanen. Contact: hellhound@sunpoint.net

From the ashes of the UK's brutal Burial, arose Unsilence, a band which instead of abandoning the aggression of Burial has slowed and intensified it into an empowered set of tracks, too fearsome to fall under a doom banner, but more emotional than a slow form of death. The lyrics are mightily depressive, but in "Void Of Emotion" and "Pictures" both the vocalist and the instrumentalists portray a black anger, in the oh so deep throaty growling, the fairly pacey rhythm(compared to doom)and the challenging riffs and solos. However despondency cries out from "World Within A World"where harmonized vocals cry in unison, backed by moody strings and chiming percussion. Also included on the demo is a sweetly sorrowful instrumental and a finale wrought by despair in an anxious discordancy of guitars, chant like vocals and clashing cymbals.
Review by Antoinette Flynn.

If you like heavy metal with a lot of emotional structures that are mainly influenced by British HM, this band would be your favorite. Rhythm guitars sound really good and come across strong with lots of aggression but doom. In contrast, guitar solo works lack of ideas that don't fit the music. I wanted to hear more melodious phrases from the accents of the G-solo. The title song is played by violins behind acoustic guitars which are excellent! In the 4th song , the vocalist sings by a normal voice which contrasts with other songs vocals. That is pretty good too. Ummm, B+?
Review by ?

The creative ideas and incredible songwriting talent of this band cannot simply be denied. This band is talented. When you listed to "Void Of Emotion", you can feel the sentiment of its delicate guitars and atmosphere. It so irresistible. This is damn good. "Pictures" is a bit groovey and mid-paced tempo, with unpredictable changes of drumbeat and copious riffs. Then came up the acoustic interludes of "Shadows Cast In Stone" which is enchanting. "World Within A World"is another excellent track. Slow, moody, atmospheric and much more emphasizing on plain vocals rather than the usual growls. This is going to be a big buzz in the UK. Lastly, "Weeping" is much more doom/ death metal orientated. The sepulture of todays unimaginative death metal. Kinda a bit brutal. Anyway, the guitar works between Kieron and Ric is really marvelous and so were the lyrics. This is another highly recommended stuffs.
Review by Herry ?


The new album from Unsilence, out now on Nine Records (Poland). Availible on CD and download, click here to order.



The debut album from Unsilence, still available on CD, Vinyl and download. Click here for more info.