The British Unsilence already walking around here since 1993 but his career has been so fickle, so turbulent, with frequent changes of line up, the output of this work seem the result of a colossal stubbornness. This long dista 11 years of his predecessor, "Choirs Of Memory", and later released two EPs. Then silence, long ...
A reformulated Unsilence resurface in 2006 with the demo "Echoes Awaken," which functioned as re-presentation of the band and the three themes that emerge Delam contained in this release.
Underpin the foundations of doom melodic and epic, this quartet carries within it the many collective British, but mostly English, load, or anguish and pain that seems to be characteristic for the island of His Majesty, and so well that they based.
These qualities / virtues in this context are well mirrored in the guitar work and voice of James Kilmurray (with some similarities to Chris Goss of Masters Of Reality), embedded in a competent and rhythmic base that makes this "Under The Torn Sky launching a line of reference in the melodic doom metal this year 2009. (14/20)


Of all the releases that I have discussed recently by Psychedoomelic, this is my favorite, because he is 100% true to my musical taste. Epischer Doom mit wundervollen, melancholischen Momenten, erstklassigen Melodien, tollen Riffs und einem perfekt dazu passenden, klarem Gesang. Epic doom with a wonderful, melancholic moments, excellent melodies, great riffs and a perfect matching, clear vocals. Keine Frage, die langen Jahre des Wartens auf den ersten Longplayer - in den 17 Jahren (!) des Bestehens gab es zahlreiche Demos, zwei Mini-CDs und gar ein unveröffentlichtes Album, da das damalige Label Pleite ging – haben sich für Band und Käufer von „Under A Torn Sky“ ausgezahlt. No question, the long years of waiting for the first long player - in the 17 years (!) Announced the existence, there are numerous demos, two mini-CDs, and even an unreleased album, as the former label went bankrupt - have decided to band and buyers of "Under A Torn Sky paid. Unsilence bieten auf den acht Stücken großes Kopfkino und lassen den Hörer mit traurigen Melodien und packenden Gesangseinlagen sowie zahlreichen Akustik-Passagen in einer Traumwelt versinken, wie es britische Doomsters seit Solstice wohl nicht mehr geschafft haben. Unsilence offer to the eight large pieces of cinema head and let the listener with mournful melodies and haunting vocals deposits, and many acoustic passages are sinking into a dream world, as has been done since British doomsters Solstice not anymore. Aber genug der Worte, ich kann euch dieses Album nur ans Herz legen, kaufen müsst ihr es schon selbst! http://www.myspace.com/unsilence ; http://www.psychedoomelic.com But enough words, I'll put my heart, this album just to buy, you have it for yourself!


The bias of this British quartet is practicing a doom metal classic, clear, naturally lyrical and dark at once, with the main feature of voice clear. Which are insured by guitarist James KILMURRAY. Suffice to say that UNSILENCE did not choose the easiest way for this first album, the vocals clear music as slow and stately lyric that means doom metal highly rigorous discipline and a proven ability to take melodic lines. When success is the appointment, the result is simply spectacular: CANDLEMASS, SOLITUDE AETURNUS or WHILE HEAVEN WEPT are vivid evidence. For
hours, UNSILENCE will be hard to claim the same level of excellence, primarily because of this song, often haunting lyric that, sometimes at the limit of accuracy when it comes to pushing the voice . Nevertheless, this singer and guitarist manages to create the climate Vocally desolate and desperate that worked better, might make a certain effect. At
instrumentally, things are much more solid, though very traditional. A great rhythm section strongly supports the slow tempi (obviously) and the two guitarists compete for heavy riffs and solos very well constructed and melodic wish. The melodic aspect is also a definite asset, like the beautiful acoustic introduction of The Hour of Arrival. End flat, the sound is rough (which is not necessarily bad) but the mix is a bit rough. Clearly, UNSILENCE still needs work but the intentions are laudable.

Before i ever got a copy of Unsilence's, "Under A Torn Sky" album, Iread somewhere that the album is merely a copy of Warning's masterpiece "Watching For A Distance" album but i was hopeful that was just some narrow-minded viewpoint from a reviewer with a axe to grind. I am happy to say that reviewer is way off, sure they are a little like Warning but whats wrong with being like a killer band anyway. Putting all that aside though, what you are left with is still a killer album despite the comparisons. The album begins with "The Last Day song" which was also on a demo they brought out some 3 years ago called "Echoes Awaken", you would think some new material would be in order but never-mind because it is still a good track. Its a mid-tempo track with vocal melodies that are very much the trademark of the album, the song has some real depth of musicianship. There is also a lot of polish in the playing and the recording of the songs, that sets them apart from Warning but its also the main stumbling block for doom fans. This amount of polish is rare for a doom album and it takes away some of the raw heaviness that this band could be capable of producing.As the album progresses, you get a sense of mid 90's goth-metal especially in the track "The Burning Midnight" were the rhythm section really drives the song along. The song is a little like newer While Heaven Wept material in part but also has a element of freshness to it made courtesy of the stellar rhythm section. "Transfiguration" is an apocalyptic Doom track with one of the strongest songwriting moments of the album, based around guitar melodies and leads rather than riffs it has some twists and turns closer to progressive rock than traditional doom and yet still sounds very dark and heavy. "Barricade" is another track from the Echoes Awaken demo and here its given some new life, sorrowful leads, guitar melodies and some kick ass heavy riffing. "Echoes Awaken" is dark and esoteric with deep melodies that make you listen and keep you mesmerized. This song captures the true sound of Unsilence, emotional, melancholic, multi-layered and dynamic but is it really doom or even metal? At times it had me wondering. "Of What May Become" heads off into a almost jazz-rock take on doom metal with complex interplay between melodies and the rhythmic structure of the song.
"The Hour of Arrival" follows and is even more complex, it begins with a wonderful acoustic intro before a series of break-downs, various melodic themes and guitar leads. It is pretty hard to describe where this fits in within the doom metal genre as this could almost be considered pop-music with its melodic hooks. The next song is even more hard to describe, the final track "Winds of Enlightenment" is a nine minute epic where the band gets the closet to raw traditional doom metal than anywhere else on the album. There is more aggression and raw guitar passages making this worth your wait. The song is adventurous but listen to the whole track because the last minute or so is one of the most mind-blowing parts of the album, it builds to a giant crescendo and is rounded off with acoustic guitar and more great vocals. "Under A Torn Sky" can be listened to in 2 ways, you can get obsessed with superficial comparisons or you can judge it on its own merits. Personally i prefer the later approach so on that basis i hear what is a very good album. The review i read comparing them to Warning is accurate in a lot of ways but this album also stands up on its own, they push the boundaries of what is epic-doom and do a exciting job of it. The casual listener of doom metal may miss its hidden treasures but its worth checking out, so don't let this one pass you by. 8.5/10
Review by Ed Barnard. earthdog@doommantia.com


The new album from Unsilence, out now on Nine Records (Poland). Availible on CD and download, click here to order.



The debut album from Unsilence, still available on CD, Vinyl and download. Click here for more info.