The UK has always been known for giving the world some great Doom Metal bands, many of whom have sadly come and gone without the recognition they deserved. Having lived there for a few years myself I know this first hand, so having recently come accross another excellent unsigned band of this style, I hope the same fate doesn't happen to them as they deserve to be noticed by the Doom Metal community. Unsilence are out of England's North West district and certainly have there finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing how to play intelligent Doom Metal. While some Doom can sometimes be too doomy to the point that there is only a drum beat and chord every 20 seconds (or it seems like that), Unsilence tend to be a bit more up-tempo generally but still slow and heavy enough at times to really cause an impact. The three tracks on here clock in at around 21 minutes in total so each song gets time to develop. The length of the songs is not really an issue as they never get stuck in just one repetitive idea and seem to constantly vary back and forth. The use of the violin in Doom Metal seemed to be so perfectly fitted to Doom Metal and Unsilence make great use of it without over doing it, but the main focus is still around some great doomy riffs, melodies and emotion. Originally recorded in September 1999 it still has a sound that is just as fresh within today's Doom scene. This is a definate to add to your list if you are a Doom Metal fan. For more information on the band and to order the CD from the band check out their website.
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Unsilence was one of the more favorable discoveries I made from the Hymns of Rebellion Vol. 2 compilation early this year. Originally formed in 1993 as an act called Burial, then playing death metal, they've since then metamorphosed - or transfigured, one can say - into a form comprising doom and death metal with vocals more characteristic of heavy metal. These three elements combine to create a unique sound somewhere between UK's Solstice and My Dying Bride, complete with the sorrowful atmosphere and doomy guitar lead melodies that those bands have been known for. A track from the Transfiguration MCD, "The Gallery" was already included in the previously mentioned compilation; here two other exclusives are recorded, "Our Final Autumn" and "One Were Embers." All adhere to a mid-tempo, melodic range of communication, with strong and heavy guitar production contrasted with the clean, traditional vocal delivery of singer Andrew Hodson. Keyboards and violin are introduced also in the final mix and appear every now and then. I especially enjoy the slow mid-section of "The Gallery" and the beginning and ending of "One Were Embers," where violin and clean guitar work together in effecting a powerful mournful feel. It is this latter track that probably best represents the most effective moments of Unsilence, especially in the dramatic transitions from heavy guitars to violin. Admittedly, the vocals are far from my liking - I never could stomach plain heavy metal vocals entirely - but the music itself greatly makes up for this. There was obviously a lot of thought put into these songs and the production as a whole is quite satisfying thanks in large part to the hand of the famous Mags (Primordial, Mourning Beloveth, etc), who co-produced. I remain uncertain of what Unsilence is up to now, but it may be worthwhile, in the meantime, to get a copy of this 3-track MCD. You can break their silence at:
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Doom metal label, high quality and even the same homeland are things which make Unsilence stylistically close to Doom Metal precursors My Dying Bride. This three piece MCD is the second release from the band. The first was the full length album which was out just a very few years ago. "Transfiguration" is a view of a mature band with extremely well rethinked compositions. There were included everything with great harmony and that is the reason why I admire the band so much. Of course it's also very talented but talent compiled with the harmony and such ideas is a must and also means great. Firstly I heard "The Gallery" song on a compilation of Godreah and this one single piece amazed me a lot. Then I was so lucky to listen to the whole album and the stuff fulfilled my expectation and even exceeded it. You are obliged to taste this band. 5/6
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This is the long awaited release from Unsilence after many fuck – ups including those with their previous label. This features three tracks of atmospheric, emotional, doom style metal, that may need to grow on some of you. With clean male vocals that stand out really as well for us, because they are quite pronounced and different and the guitars because they are catchy. Unsilence utilise violins and keyboards for this release, they emphasis the emotions. Power metal even stoner doom, fans might enjoy this, it's definitely a release on its own with no comparisons, we really like this CD. The most dominating facet of this CD is the vocals, by far, and are amazing. We haven't got a favorite, this is all quite refreshing and each song holds a different attraction for us. Unfortunately, there isn't enough music for our liking, the future looks rather promising for this band and we will continue to support them.
Review by Katrinia and Jodi Jerrett – Season Decay ‘zine #2 July 2001 Contact: astlik@hotmail.comWebsite: http://members.tripod.com/seasondecayzine


The new album from Unsilence, out now on Nine Records (Poland). Availible on CD and download, click here to order.



The debut album from Unsilence, still available on CD, Vinyl and download. Click here for more info.