In Cerberus #4 I reviewed Unsilence's demo '94, and wrote that the English doom metal scene had a great influence on their music and direction, after comparing the tape to the previous releases, was heading towards more atmospheric and slower presentation. And well, what have happened during these few years? Yes, the band is now doomier and more atmospheric than ever and almost all the death metal influences have been thrown into a trash can. Death metal roots appear mainly in those rhythm changes which have a refreshing affect in the longrun. And this is very good also, not any pathetic slow mourning without the slightest bit of stylishness. They catch the glum feelings easily with their downtuned guitars and heavy riffs. This ain't pure doom as for example their country mates Esoteric which of music is somewhere beyond the doom term and the best comparison I can come up to this demo is the classic "Forest Of Equilibrium" album of Cathedral though the vocals here are some depressive singing despite of a few growling parts. The other notable difference is that Unsilence have more variety in their music when compared to Cathedral but these bands still have a lot in common in my opinion. Just hope that Unsilence Won't become hippie doom rockers during their existence. Also an alert listener can notice some Candlemass influences in the guitar work and that's only a compliment in my opinion.
Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to dive deep into the whole material due to some technical problems my cassette had, so this reviews is only based on two tracks when the demo originally had four of them. But I believe the result would have been quite the same as it is now, positive and encouraging thinking about the future.
This march of Doom was planned to release as a MCD first, but the band was unable to find a suitable label. But now Unsilence is signed with Seven Art Music from Italy and the deal consists of two CDs. There's something good to come, believe me...
Review by Asmo Moisanen. Contact: hellhound@sunpoint.net

Guitarist Kieron said they had an audition in 13 - 14.04, and they'd seemed they'd find a drummer...
These 4 tracks to their upcoming - CD release are lengthy pieces of sad but truly heavy doom, in a very original, new way... Like dragging your dying body through a field of sharp thorns... Dwelling in trippy sorrow the guitars of Kieron & Darren wail and lead through their hopeless visions. Keyboards adding some beauty in it all.
Unsilence may record more songs so the actual release may even be a full length.
This heavy doom will take you under its wings and fly you through songs; 'An Unfinished Chapter', Of Being', Beautiful Vision' and 'To Wish Without Hope'. Heavyyy.
Review by Sami P. Contact: bowedome@hotmail.com


The new album from Unsilence, out now on Nine Records (Poland). Availible on CD and download, click here to order.



The debut album from Unsilence, still available on CD, Vinyl and download. Click here for more info.